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File #: 11912   
Type: MPO Agenda Item Status: Adopted
File created: 2/21/2023 In control: Metropolitan Planning Organization
On agenda: 6/1/2023 Final action: 6/1/2023
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Title: Review and Approval of Revision 2 of the Hernando/Citrus MPO's Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for FY 2023-FY 2024, Adoption of Resolution 2023-07 Amending PL Contract G2774 to Recognize Additional Funding
Attachments: 1. Amendment to G2774 signed by Legal, 2. Resolution 2023-07-signed by Legal, 3. UPWP FY 2023-FY 2024 Rev 2 Amendment 6-1-2023 - track changes.pdf v5-24-2023 post committee mtg, 4. 2023-07 UPWP Amdmt for FY 2024-Adopted 6-1-23



Review and Approval of Revision 2 of the Hernando/Citrus MPO’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for FY 2023-FY 2024, Adoption of Resolution 2023-07 Amending PL Contract G2774 to Recognize Additional Funding




The State Fiscal Year 2024 begins July 1, 2023, which is the second year of the biennial Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for FY 2023- FY 2024.  It is customary, at this time of year, for Metropolitan Planning Organizations to amend the UPWP for funding changes.   


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is allocating the remaining funding of $227,174 from close-out of the PL Contract #G1M00 from FY 2021 - FY 2022 plus new funding of $1,610 in Section 5305d eligible distribution for a total increase of $228,784.  The funding raises the ceiling of PL Contract #G2774 by $228,784 from $1,808,936 to $2,037,720 and has been allocated in FY 2024 in Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for consultant services and proposed for distribution as follows:


                     Task 1, Long-Range Transportation Plan - Allocated $55,000

                     Task 2, Transportation Improvement Program - Allocated $5,000

                     Task 3, Administration - Allocated $143,284

                     Task 4, Data Collection - Allocated $10,000

                     Task 5, Project Planning - Allocated $15,500


                     An additional change in the UPWP Task 5 for FY 2024 is recognizing new funding from the Florida Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged.  The planning funding grant agreements for Citrus County is being allocated $24,398 and Hernando County’s allocation is $25,285, an increase of $2,608 over the estimated budget.


                     The FY 2023 budget is being adjusted for personnel costs to move funds from Task 1 (2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan) in the amount of $45,000 and Task 5 (Project Planning) in the amount of $25,000 to increase Task 3 (Administration) by $70,000 for personnel expenses.  This change is a zero net sum adjustment.


                     The Task 3 (Administration) budget is reflecting the elimination of the use of local funds in the amount of $450 in both FY 2023 and FY 2024 as the need no longer exists.


Revision 2 amendments are contained in the attached FY2023-FY2024 UPWP in redline/strikethrough text.  There are no amendments proposed for the Appendices; just the inclusion of recently MPO Board adopted certifications and assurances as required by law. The amended UPWP, upon approval of the MPO Board, will be transmitted to the FDOT reflecting the changes and appendices in accordance with federal and state law.


On May 24, 2023, the Technical Advisory Committee, Citizens Advisory Committee, and Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee conducted public meetings and voted to recommend the MPO Board approve the amendments to the UPWP as outlined herein.



The additional funding from the PL G2774 amendment will be applied to the Hernando County Fiscal Year’s 2024 budget effective October 1, 2023, in expense account 34050-5303107 (consultant services) and revenue account 34050-3314950 (MPO-FHWA Funds).



Pursuant to Chapter 339, Florida Statutes, the MPO Board has the authority to take the recommended action.




It is recommended the MPO Board adopt Resolution 2023-7 recognizing additional funding in the amount of $228,784 for Contract G2774 and authorizing the Chair’s signature upon the Resolution and the amendment to PL Contract G2774.  Additionally, it is recommended the MPO Board approve and authorize Staff to transmit Revision 2 to the UPWP for FY 2023 - FY 2024 to the Florida Department of Transportation which:

                     increases Contract #G2774 by $228,784 from $1,808,936 to $2,037,720 and allocates the increased funds in FY 2024 Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,

                     moves personnel costs in FY 2023 from Task 1 and Task 5 to Task 3 in the amount of $70,000 for personnel costs,

                     removes local funding of $450 in Task 3 (Administration) in each fiscal year (FY 2023 and FY 2024), and

                     reflects the funding increase in Fiscal Year 2024 transportation disadvantaged allocation from the Florida Commission of the Transportation Disadvantaged to $24,398 for Citrus County and $25,285 for Hernando County.